Weekly Biz is a ongoing learning module for business owners just like you. We cover relevant business topics that all business owners should fully understand as well as action challenges that you can implement. The purpose of this is to help you grow your business & derive more pleasure from what you do by acquiring more skill-sets and implementing these strategies. Most business owners, myself included are busy and only have so much “bandwidth” so the idea is to have something weekly, a quick 5-10 minute read/ podcast or video and “Action Challenges” that are doable. No one climbed Everest in a day but they can take one small step at a time.

Every Monday morning there is a new topic covered. In the article you may see some of these icons as described below.

The download icon is for materials that you can download if any.

This action challenge Icon is what you need to do to put the knowledge into actual practice.

This media icon indicates supplementary information and or links.