Week #1 January 6, 2020

Call 3 customers of yours in the next 5 days that you have not spoken to in the last few months and have a conversation with them about what they have been up to, travel, work, family, hobbies, interests, sports, wish them a happy new year….You can talk about anything with them that is not related to your business offerings. If they insist on asking about what you have that is new… Just say, “well I actually called to just see how you are” and is it ok to email them later about products/services. You can even share this page with them if you like. The purpose of this exercise is to have a genuine interest in the people you serve and learn about who they are. Everybody has an interesting story, you will be amazed. So just be a good listener.

Week #2 January 13, 2020

Part A. When you greet people this week for the first time in the morning or when you see them, Imagine that you have just won a lottery of $25,000,000.00 twenty five million dollars. Then say your “hello, good morning or how are you’s”! They will probably notice a certain kind of energy and enthusiasm. If they ask what is going on, simply say “I am just very happy to see you/speak to you” and enjoy the moment.

Part B. Be very mindful about how you think to yourself about an event or an interaction that you want a crystal clear & specific result. If you find that your thoughts are going in the wrong direction then picture a “Y” in the road that you are going down. Then picture the road you are going down is closed and have to take an alternate route. That route is only filled with positive strategies, actions, responses, thoughts and outcomes. It may be an unfamiliar route however it is the only route available so your are going to take it with an excitement and confidence that the destination you want is just beyond the next curve

This weeks Action Challenge is a fun one! I want you to get 100% clarification on something that you are not sure about or look for something that you did not know that you did not know related to your business. Or last one, be able to clearly calculate your Net Profit.

Week #4 January 27, 2020(no challenges )

Week #5 February 3, 2020

This weeks action challenge is to make a short description (200 words or less) or a 30-60s video of what you are an expert at in your field. Put it in your “about us”(website/LinkedIn profile…) or email signature.