So hopefully you have completed last weeks action challenge to:

Call 3 customers of yours in the next 5 days that you have not spoken to in the last few months and…

If you haven’t that is ok as you can carry it over this week as well. Calling 3 customers a week should not really be a challenge if you are business person. It should be something that you are doing anyways and with pleasure. You probably figured out that this was not just for the first week it is something that you are doing every week!

This brings us to Attitude part 2. This is the most important aspect of people lives that it deserves at least a part 2! It will most likely rear its pretty head again later on in another episode. So how does one actually acquire that infectious attitude that makes people want to be around you, do business with you, want to socialise with you…

It starts with mindset, you are the sum total of all the thoughts you have had since you can remember and perhaps even before. I can already here the deafening sound of eyeballs rolling in the back of peoples heads like a scene out of “Zombies Are Forever” (I thought that I made up that name but there is an actual movie with that title!)

So let’s understand how important that conversation is. You know, that conversation that you are actually having right now while reading this, are you nodding your head in agreement and validation? Or are your arms firmly crossed because your mind is closed and find your self uttering phrases that begin with “BULL” and end with “SH*T”? Can you remember the exact moment in your life that you lost the excitement & enthusiasm of childhood where all things are possible and slowly started replacing those grandiose visions with more tepid ideas that are supported with practical, reasonable, cautious, cynical, doubtful, impractical, not possible & finally impossible?

Every time you failed at something was the internal conversation one of some sort of validation on “how I can’t do this or I am not worthy to do this or I am not deserving to do this or this is something that only someone else can do“? Was this the kind of thought process that you had every time that something did not go your way and it became another tiny thread of validation that reinforced your negative thinking turning those thin threads into shackles.

Or did you process that challenge that you had to overcome with the thought process that “I will try again, I will try harder” I will try a different approach…till I succeed” and did not simply give up. Did you also take those tiny threads and transform them into the strongest cables that support and re-enforce your positive mindset?

This kind of stuff happens at a very young age, probably before we are even walking and more significantly before we have the ability to decide how we are going to interpret and perceive these events. These thought patterns and processes are reinforced by well meaning people around us, who have their own prejudices from a lifetime of their own patterns of thinking. Some of us have had the good fortune of environments that where full of nourishment by people who pushed us when we were taking that first step and didn’t let us stop at the first time we fell back on a fully stocked padded diaper. They kept on with a “come on you can do it” again and again till we were able to balance on two feet and suddenly we were aware that we had done something. That something was rewarded with a lot of positive emotion…Have you ever seen a group of adults that could contain their joy when seeing a toddler stand up for the first time?

Was that the moment that your thought process operating system was installed and from then on your thinking sequence went into a specific routine. You know the “if at first you don’t succeed…” Even children that have been reared by werewolves would be able to complete that phrase. Point is that we all know it, do we live it? I know that I miss it sometimes perhaps more often than I would like to admit.

Or was that just one of the many events that shaped your thinking; positive, negative or somewhere in between.

That internal dialog is information that we program into our hard-drives for quick accessibility to validate our belief systems. Do you find your self saying “I knew that they would purchase from me because…” (whatever your validation story is). Or “That F***ing A** H*** was just wasting my time and was never going to buy from me because … (whatever your validation story is). Whatever your validation story is/was you are probably right. So perhaps it is time to completely change the programming on your hard drive to something that is positive and contributes to your happiness and achieving your dreams.

As adults we now have to accept full responsibility towards what we do and don’t do, what we say and don’t say & finally what we think and don’t think. The umbilical cord was cut a long time ago and so should the effects of other extraneous events as well.

It is time to be Tabula Rasa (blank slate).

The first step on this journey is to be fully aware when we are going down a familiar path of negative thinking. So STOP take a deep breath (the kind you take when making a life altering decision, because it is) and ask your self is what I am about to picture going to produce the outcome I really want? If NO, then picture the outcome as you really want it to be. Simple as that. Don’t think about it just do it. Do this as a child who can dream without question. Your mind can not tell the difference. You are simply envisioning an outcome. Be as detailed in that vision as you want, the more detail the better! This can be applied to anything worthwhile. Whether it is growth in a business or some form of personal achievement…It does not matter the first step in achieving something/anything is seeing it happen in advance.

If you need any validation that this works, you can go back to the last thing that you achieved and you will see that these were the steps you took.

Visualisation is not a new concept, it probably started with Homo-Sapiens when they were looking for food & water. “I think, therefore I am” are probably the most powerful words in the English language. Written almost 400 years ago by Descartes, they have stood the test of time. What he was able to convey so succinctly in 5 words I am not sure that I was in the preceding 1000 or so!

So here are this weeks Action Challenges (yep 2 of them, see how your luck is working you were expecting 1 and got lucky with 2)

Part A. When you greet people this week for the first time in the morning or when you see them, Imagine that you have just won a lottery of $25,000,000.00 twenty five million dollars. Then say your “hello, good morning or how are you’s”! They will probably notice a certain kind of energy and enthusiasm. If they ask what is going on, simply say “I am just very happy to see you/speak to you” and enjoy the moment.

Part B. Be very mindful about how you think to yourself about an event or an interaction that you want a crystal clear & specific result. If you find that your thoughts are going in the wrong direction then picture a “Y” in the road that you are going down. Then picture the road you are going down is closed and have to take an alternate route. That route is only filled with positive strategies, actions, responses, thoughts and outcomes. It may be an unfamiliar route however it is the only route available so your are going to take it with an excitement and confidence that the destination you want is just beyond the next curve.



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